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2725 Selma Pike
Springfield, Ohio 45505


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Dr. Gregory A. Noll

Welcome to Noll Veterinary Hospital


I would like to welcome you to the Noll Veterinary Hospital website.  I thought I would review how I decided to begin my practice here, share with you how it has grown, and what I want to do in the future.  I would like to thank my clients for entrusting us to treat their pets, whether they are the family dog,the dressage horse project, the sheep having problems delivering a lamb, or any other pet or farm animal you may have.

I grew up on a farm near Lancaster, Ohio where we raised sheep, cattle, and chickens.  I am the oldest of five children.  My parents still live on that 140 acre farm.  I graduated form veterinary school at The Ohio State University in 1980.  I entered private practice by working for another veterinarian in Richland County, Ohio for two years.  I decided it was time to strike out on my own at that point, and scouted out cities I felt were promising in southwest and central Ohio.  Springfield looked like the best place.  I found this property, and put up my shingle announcing my new business on August 9, 1982.  I have never regretted this choice.

As money was tight for a new vet, I worked out of the front room of the house for the first three years.  I was the vet, answered the phone, prepped the surgeries, and cleaned up.  Our start was slow, but as word spread, the practice started to grow.  I added a receptionist, a vet assistant, and then knew it was time for a larger office.  I discussed the project with Ron Leach, a local architect, who designed the building.  It was built by Baird Builders in 90 days, and we started work in this office on November 10, 1985.

When I opened, most of my work was in farm practice, but the majority of what I now do is companion animal practice.  Over the years, I have added such tools as an X-ray machine, pulse oximeter, and blood analyzers to provide answers to our patients’ problems.  Since 1982, I have seen many new medications, therapies and tools to make my job easier or to give hope in a situation where previously there was none.  We offer veterinary care to a mix of companion animals, and still visit farms for livestock and horses.

My staff has grown from two people in 1985, to 12, including two technicians.  I have been blessed with a wonderful staff, as so many of you know, since you usually deal with them before you talk to me.  My family includes my wife and my four children.  My wife Lori works with me. My four children, Danielle, Daniel, Ben and Brianna also get their share of time at the hospital with various tasks.  They have seen lots of things that have provided interesting stories to tell their kids. I intend to work toward keeping our patients healthy by preventing diseases before they start, by providing help in keeping your pet healthy as he or she gets older, helping my farm clients maintain healthy livestock, and to do our best to serve our clients in a timely manner with quality veterinary care.

Much has changed over the years, but our commitment has remained the same:  to provide the best quality services we can for our clients and to do it at a fair price.

Thank you for visiting!

Dr. Gregory Noll